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6 Hours - working title

The idea of a guardian angle passing over the heart speaks to the idea of one life passing, yet being able to save others lives

The people who donate organs offer the gift of life to others, almost like a guardian angel


By creating a artwork that shows this journey could help bring attention to the need for more donors

Although its an opt out scheme we still need to bring more attention to the idea of allowing your organs to be donated.

Using the images above I've created a digital poster that I would transfer onto a canvas using oil paints.


I want to keep the painting life size for that dramatic feel.

having the image life size I hope to create a feeling of confronted by the image as its scale is true to life and could be someone walking towards you.


With this in mind you become the receiver of the organs


I hope to try and work with nhs England and the organ donation department.

see see shun.png

See, Seen, Shun

During summer of 2021 I contacted parliament to address the issue around the disabled person logo not being inclusive of all disabilities. The government agreed with the proposal but see it as an issue they just don’t wish to address at the current time and have no foreseeable date.
This is indicative of actively discriminating against the people you know it’s affecting by inaction. Hidden disabilities affect all sex’s, race and religions, we suffer on a daily basis across the globe yet it seems government do not want to take on the task to implement change. The monetary value out ways the discrimination. Yet facing discrimination should never be combated due to expense or it’s a global icon so be hard to change it.
The art work will consist of a mannequin standing next to a wall whilst both are covered by letters received from the government, hiding the mannequin in plain sight alongside a gold wheelchair which changes the narrative to Tony Heaton’s “Gold Lame” and “Britain from a wheelchair”.

Thus bringing attention to hidden disability and that we are not represented by the chair, and hidden disabilities are still not seen or addressed.

THe Gift.jpg

The Gift
A large amount of people with hidden disabilities will need transplantation at some part of their life due to their illness being life threating. To be diagnosed disabled you must suffer from a long-term physical or mental health condition that will last more than twelve months and have difficulty doing certain everyday tasks or getting around.
In the UK we have a limited amount of organ donation’s, I will carry on from my project Phenomenal Continuation by creating a drawing of hands all fighting for a heart.
Highlighting patients are left at home with a mobile phone awaiting that one call which can transform their life almost a lottery system. Genetics that match the donor, will enable them to receive the organ same as matching the winning lottery numbers.
Transplantation is something that has almost no representation in the art world, yet it’s one of the biggest advances in history.

Whilst designing the Gift I wanted to express transplantation and the sparsity of organs available for transplantation. The heart and hands are the easily recognizable parts of the human anatomy. During a discussion with a fellow artist the idea of having numerous sets of hands grabbing for the heart is reflective of the current situation in organ donation.

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