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Pencil on 180 gsm cartridge paper

Size 29.7 x 42cm

Eve is a central figure in the biblical narrative of the Garden of Eden, and her symbolism carries great weight in both religious and cultural contexts. As an artist, I am drawn to the power and complexity of Eve's story and the rich symbolism surrounding her character.


In my artwork, I aim to explore the different layers of symbolism associated with Eve in the Garden of Eden. On one level, Eve represents the first woman, the mother of all humanity, and the embodiment of femininity. She symbolises fertility, creation, and the nurturing qualities of womanhood.


On another level, Eve is also associated with temptation, sin, and the fall from grace. She is often portrayed as the instigator of humanity's downfall, the woman who brought the expulsion from paradise through her disobedience to God's command.


As an artist, I aim to explore the tensions and contradictions inherent in these different layers of symbolism. I seek to challenge the traditional narrative that paints Eve as a villain and, instead, celebrate her as a complex and multi-dimensional character.


Through my artwork, I aim to offer a new perspective on Eve's story, one that acknowledges her role as a powerful and influential figure but also recognises the injustices and biases that have historically been associated with her character.


Overall, my art aims to engage with the symbolic power of Eve in the Garden of Eden and to offer a new perspective on this enduring and fascinating story.

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