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Heros wear Blue.png

Hero's wear Blue

Pencil on 180gsm cartidge paper

Size 29.7 x 42cm

As an artist, I am deeply moved by the tireless efforts of healthcare workers, particularly the nurses who have been at the forefront of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. In my drawing, I wanted to capture the bravery and sacrifice of these extraordinary individuals who put their lives on the line daily to keep us safe.


My artwork depicts a nurse in an emergency department during the height of the pandemic, wearing full PPE and attending to a patient. Despite the overwhelming pressure and danger surrounding the nurse's expression is one of determination and focus.


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the incredible sacrifices made by healthcare workers and the impact of their work on our society. The NHS, in particular, has been a pillar of strength and support for the UK during these difficult times.


Through my drawing, I hope to convey a sense of gratitude and respect for healthcare workers’ selflessness and honour the dedication and bravery of those who risk everything to keep us safe. I believe that this drawing serves as a tribute to the incredible work of the NHS and a reminder of the sacrifices that have been made in the name of public health.

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