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I Drink to your Health.png

I Drink to your Health

Coloured Pencils on 180gsm cartridge paper

Size 59 x 42cm

The drawing depicts a surreal and striking image of a cocktail with human hearts. The drink inside the glass is a light blue colour. The cocktail shaker used in making the drink is a silver sealed urn with engraved writing that reads "always & forever". The urn has a highly polished surface and gives off a reflective shine.


The countertop on which the glass is placed is made from a dark granite material, commonly used for gravestones, and has a smooth, polished surface. It provides a stark contrast to the bright blue liquid in the cocktail. A circular neon sign hangs on the wall behind the countertop, which reads "Cocktails and Dreams" in pink letters, surrounded by a blue circle.


The neon sign is special because it represents the dream of receiving an organ transplant to save a life. The blue circle represents the universal symbol for organ donation, while the pink letters signify hope, love, and support for those waiting for a life-saving transplant.


In the image's foreground, a clear glass contains a light blue cocktail with several human hearts floating in it. The hearts are well-defined and deep red, creating a striking contrast against the light blue liquid. The image is eerie and mesmerising, giving the viewer a sense of wonder and awe.


Overall, the drawing creates a surreal and thought-provoking image, evoking deep emotions and feelings. It represents the complexities of life and death, the hope for organ donation, and the dream of saving lives through transplantation.

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