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Creating The Rainy Wedding

My first approach to this project was to use the information and visuals from the previous task of site to studio. I had researched into Gretna green, its history and how the changes in law had driven lovers from England to Scotland to marry due to age restrictions. This idea of true love and the ability to run away to Scotland to cement that bond beyond the reach of other influences struck a great chord with me, as I was also lucky enough to marry my wife of now eighteen years at the old blacksmiths in Gretna Green. Just like all those other couples over the last 200 years.

Whilst collating ideas of a sculpture that I wish to design and create unfortunately

I was held to constraints of which materials I am able to use in the studio to create this piece of art. With these limitations the cost to make the art piece from MDF would have not been cost effective to upscale to the size I required. The project is something I would like to re-address at a later date, as I think I have personal connection to the piece and the site. I would love to be able to create a permanent piece of art work and have it on site would be something to definitely pursue in the future when I have less limitations.

Because i was unable to create the sculpture i decided to create The Rainy Wedding

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