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Destino: When Disney Met Dalí

In 1946, two legendary artists collaborated on a short film that wouldn’t be completed for more than 50 years.

With the imagery of Dali and the story telling of Disney this short film invokes feelings of fear love and captures your attention within seconds of watching.

The film blends the art works of Salvador Dali beautifully with the creative style of Disney’s story telling. The colour theme is stunning and attention to detail is fantastic. Blending Dali’s work to create the atmosphere. It looks to be digitally created instead of film cells, which it would have originally been created with, if the process hadn’t of come to a standstill in 1946.

The film tells the story of true love and having a soul mate, and no matter how long it takes your Destin to meet them at some part through time.

The use of Dali’s paintings to blend into the story creates a stunning surreal visual that blends objects and shadows to create the mood and enhance the journey.

The music takes you back to the classic opera style of Disney’s first films such as Snow White and Cinderella making the movie feel timeless.

World war II had just ended and this film represents that story of losing your love one and not knowing if they are alive or dead, leaving you hopelessly searching for your soulmate. With the idea that time doesn’t exist and has no bearing until you are together again.

The quality of this film is sublime, the story telling is unique and brilliant it incapsulates everything about Disney and Dali brilliantly, I could have watched an hour of this footage is was over so quickly and that is a testament to its story telling a must see for any who likes surrealism or Disney’s works.

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