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Master of self awareness

As an 80’s child I was lucky enough to grow in a decade that created some of the greatest movies, musicians and the largest changes in culture throughout the world such as the end of the cold war between USA and Russia starting in 1989. Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas become the biggest directors on the planet competing with Ridley Scott and James Cameron.

As a I grew older, I started to watch movies made by these directors which then developed my passion for my love of pop culture! I was hooked by the visuals and the artistry that it took to create such unique stories and characters. I then stumbled on the movie Alien’s and I was hooked by the design of the alien and mesmerised by such unique work, that I just had to know who the creator was, from that moment on I longed to see more of this artists work.

Once I had discovered more of Hr Giger’s work, I decided to challenge myself to replicate his work as a hobby. I never took the risk to ever try and create my own version of bio mechanical work. So, when this project came up, I thought it was the perfect challenge to push myself out of my comfort zone and create my own version. I referred to Giger’s work, but I wanted more of the internal anatomy over the external, that’s when I came across

Andreas Vesalius who is recognised as one of the first artists to truly draw the image of the human anatomy by dissection.

In the diagram of self I struggled to represent who I am as an artist so I used imagery of pop culture and hobbies to show my personality and then I referenced my strong bond with my family who are encouraging and supporting me in this fantastic opportunity by making me realise my abilities and continually push me to overcome objections.

The second task is the one that I found the most interesting as it allowed me to deeply explore me as a person by linking my own health problems with the theme flesh and blood. This is where I started to research the human anatomy and ideas of blending the physical with mechanical. Whilst trying to create something that follows the style of both Giger and Vesalius.

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