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The God Complex

Project evaluation

Whilst trying to evaluate this project I need to consider the original source material and concepts that inspired me and where the driving force came to create the final piece of work. Site specific art is something that has been beyond my realm of creation, I lacked understanding for this concept and this indevoured to be my first hurdle.

Firstly I approached the project from a impersonal connection and set out to look at sites that could be manipulated to be a site specific art work, with this idea in hand I approached the idea that a disabled parking bay is still a disabled parking bay no matter where it is situated in the world. With that thought process in mind I was going to design a portal, worm hole idea allowing for travel from anyone spot to anywhere in the world but always be in a disabled bay from departure to arrival.

Using acrylics, I would produce I giant worm hole or portal painting, but the more I pondered over this idea I felt that visuals lacked a challenge to push my art to new levels.

So, I eradicated that idea and set out on a new concept “but what would this be?” and therefore second hurdle appeared, exploring the ideas of places that hold memories from my childhood, those that resonate from time spent with my own children and the ones that hold a romantic link between myself and my wife.

Travelling back to my original wedding venue at the World-Famous Blacksmiths in Gretna Green and seeing their site-specific art works evoked the idea of creating a sculpture or painting that would link my personal connection to the Blacksmiths. Firstly, I looked over artist that had created work for the Blacksmiths and took inspiration from their works to help me create my painting the Wedding.

Taking the idea of creating a sculpture for Gretna Green I set out working out the logistics of building a large anvil with two rings intertwined with each other to represent the connection of love and the blacksmiths part in marry thousands of people since the 1800’s.

Replicating my idea in a large scale would of cost hundreds of pounds to create as a wooden sculpture by using metals or fibreglass this would reduce the price. However, it would breach health and safety within the campus. Understanding and discussing your idea with the relevant departments before you start creating all your designs planning and drawing can be invaluable as I found during this process. Planning is something that has become a major part of this entire project and this was something I would not have previously considered.

Subsequently during the month of planning the different site specific art work ideas I had a very frustrating time with the car park facilities available to myself on campus. The intercom system that would allow me access to my disabled bay had to be answered manually, subsequently and had not been allocated the pin number or electronic fob to access the carpark. Frequently I could not gain access to the facilities and had to find other parking arrangements that put a lot of strain on my health condition.

My Light bulb moment happened after a few weeks of this turmoil of parking. I then decided to set upon creating my site-specific art around the intercom and the idea of it being a godly entity that decides my fate. Working out all the logistics within the 3d workshop and discussing materials size and scale I realized that this idea had potential to come into fruition.

Initial approach was to sketch out the designs and scale of the final work, also replicate the final piece in a 3d model constructed from cardboard and wood, and a 3d print to compare the quality and evaluate the best processes. Ensuring my model was exactly how I envisioned my final work, I set upon now creating the sculpture in the 3d workshop.

Scale of the sculpture didn’t hinder the process during its creation but the weight of the sculpture become a large factor. Although using the lightest materials possible whilst maintaining a very secure subframe the weight still remained the biggest challenge. Having proficiency in building become invaluable during this process, although help was always at hand.

Major factors I have learnt from this module is; firstly, to research into the meaning behind other artists works as sometimes the message delivered by the artist may not be what the viewers interpret by way of a visual aesthetic.

Working out costings as you progress into your basic design will also help you to decide on different materials or approaches that you may have not previously considered. If you were to be commissioned to create an art work you would have to work to a budget and this generally will affect your design.

Lastly know your limitations, as over committing to a work that is either too large or beyond technical ability can seriously hinder the time scale set out for completion, taking all of these factors onboard I have created a piece of work that has such a presence! and really makes you stop and look at it’s worth and meaning. The time and effort I put into this project is something I will expand on in the future and hopefully create more like this for my portfolio.

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