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The Lovers.png

The Lovers

Pencil on 180 gsm cartridge paper

Size 84 x 59cm

As an artist, I believe that art has the power to convey complex emotions and ideas that may be difficult to express through words alone. with this work, I sought to explore the theme of human connection and the difficulties of finding each other at impossible odds.


The drawing depicts two trees growing apart in a massive ocean, symbolising the challenges and obstacles we face in life. The ocean represents the vastness of the world and the difficulties we encounter in our pursuit of love and connection.


However, despite the vast distance between them, the branches of the trees grow and become holding hands, symbolising the power of being connected to one's soulmate. This image speaks to the universal human desire for love and companionship and the idea that no matter how far apart we may be, we can always find a way to connect with those who matter most to us.


The image is set at night, adding a sense of mystery and otherworldliness to the scene. The moon is represented by a mobile phone, a contemporary symbol of communication and connection in our increasingly digital world. This element serves as a reminder of the fear and isolation that many of us have experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, as we rely on our phones to seek access to the outside world whilst others never go and see these things for themselves.


Overall, my intention with this surreal drawing is to evoke a sense of hope and wonder in the viewer while also acknowledging the challenges and difficulties we face in our pursuit of human connection. I hope this image will encourage viewers to reflect on their relationships and the power of being truly connected to another human being.

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